Different Layers of Earth

The Earth is like a big ball with different layers inside it. These layers have different materials and properties.

  1. Crust: Imagine the crust like the thin skin on an apple. It’s the outermost layer we live on. The land and oceans are part of this layer. It’s not very thick, but it’s important because it’s where we live and all the plants and animals live too.
  2. Mantle: Beneath the crust is the mantle. Think of it like a thick, gooey layer. It’s made of hot, melted rock called magma. This magma moves around and causes the crust to move, like pieces of a puzzle.
  3. Outer Core: This is even hotter and deeper down. The outer core is made of very hot liquid metal, mostly iron, and nickel. It’s so hot that the metal is melted like syrup.
  4. Inner Core: Deeper still, at the very center of the Earth, is the inner core. It’s super, super hot, even though it’s mostly solid. The pressure is so strong that it keeps the metal solid, even though it’s hotter than the surface of the sun!

These layers work together in a special way. The heat from the inner core makes the magma in the mantle move, and that movement in the mantle causes the crust on top to shift and change. This is why we have earthquakes, volcanoes, and the movement of continents.

So, the Earth is like a big, layered ball with each layer playing its own important role to make our planet work the way it does.

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